This is Eva Sterk: Screaming, whispering, declaiming or in the end just singing, she is telling her personal truth. Always with open eyes for every-day’s hideaways.

“I wanted to break the endless circle of polishing songs over and over. When a finished record comes out, most bands have already moved on. The time difference between songwriting and release always confused me. My songs are more snapshots of a moment, more ongoing risks than cast-iron conclusions. For this reason I started a series of ‘Miniatures to myself’ in January. My findings are captured in a song that comes out by the end of the month. It’s a bit like a diary, it’s the attempt to solve a puzzle with parts I have to collect first. This monthly shifting reality involved a lot of interesting musicians so far.”

Eva Sterk: vocals, violin
Derek Ullenboom: guitar

***mantric jogging*** ***heart travelling*** ***used thoughts*** ***set alarm clocks*** ***bialetti magic*** ***red water*** ***backpack issues*** ***squaring the circle*** ***blushing cheeks*** ***co-driving moments*** ***paradise birds*** ***cactus compass*** ***window sill garden***

Pictures are taken by Sulamith Sallmann.

Posted on: February 2nd, 2011 by evasterk