“I write songs about car trips, kaleidoskope nights
and delayed daydreams. About bike bell signals and
earthquake islands. About wearing a red dress on a
rainy day and other rescue rituals. I solve morning
mazes with caffeine comfort and wake up my window
sill garden by playing piano. If I could play violin under
the shower, I would. I sing my most secret songs to Mr.
Bialetti and the cup with the missing handle turns out
to be my friend as well.
I never got around to finish my teleporter, but I built a
Magic Friend Collector when I felt lonely.
I make confetti magic happen, because only
our imagination defines what we see in the
things that surround us.”

Eva Sterk is a singer/songwriter and violinist from Berlin, Germany. She spent several years living in the Netherlands and has a strong connection to the music scene in Toronto, Canada. Her debut record “Mantric Jogging” (2011) came out on Hidden Hedgehog Records. She also released a series of twelve songs called “Miniatures to myself” (2012). A new record will be released in spring 2016 on NYK Records.

***mantric jogging*** ***hula hoop thoughts*** ***morning maze*** ***bialetti magic*** ***red dress*** ***bike bell signal*** ***blushing cheeks*** ***co-driving moments*** ***paradise bird*** ***cactus compass*** ***window sill garden***

Picture by Greta María Ásgeirsdóttir.

Posted on: February 2nd, 2011 by evasterk